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Smart phone connector overall test solution

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As we all know, the mobile phone market has rapidly shifted from feature phones to smart phones. From smart phones to high-end quad-core and dual-core phones have been launched and put on the market. As a leader in consumer electronics connectors, molex connectors are built for the smartphone industry and customers. Introduced the most comprehensive connector solution. The specific scheme is as follows.

1. Board-to-board connector, referred to as BTB:

Board-to-board with smart phone slim design, from the minimum combined height of 0.7mm to 1.5mm, is widely used by international and domestic brands. Considering the high transmission speed of smartphones, the high-speed concept is incorporated into the design to meet various high-speed transmission requirements , Has also launched a shielded version to meet customer needs board-to-board EMI band function requirements. The minimum distance has been 0.35mm and has been widely adopted by Huawei and Apple. For the testing of such connectors, Hongyi Electronics has developed a small damage to the connector and a high test yield. It can respond to the smaller pitch BTB shrapnel micro needle module, which can meet the connector testing of various pitches and PINs. A variety of institutions can meet and apply to equipment, manual testing, etc. The springs with different head structures should be used for the male and female seats to make the contact more stable and the test more accurate.

2.FPC connectorFPC connectors range from a minimum 0.2mm, 0.25mm pitch to a universal 0.3mm, 0.5mm pitch, with a minimum board height of 0.62mm to a commonly used height of less than 1.0. At the same time, the forward and backward design are favored by major manufacturers, and there are also cooperation FPC line notch and ear design; Molex FPC connector can meet high-speed transmission and EMI shielding version just like board-to-board. For such smaller-pitch connectors, there is a spring module test module that can cope with smaller pitches. The minimum pitch can be 0.2mm. Using high-precision mold opening and standardized test modules, it has overturned the traditional spring structure, greatly Reduced test costs for manufacturers.

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